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Shorty, originally uploaded by kristenks.

So I bought a new camera..

and I took the opportunity this morning to terrorize my cat...

about 9 other new pics up on my flickr... (thought I might as well use it finally)

and that's nine of about 100+ I took yesterday...

This camera is going to be trrouuubbllleeee

Feb. 13th, 2008

For the first time, in a long time, I'm actually excited about Valentine's day.


Best day...

Really, I had one of, if not, the best day of my entire life... 

Was able to see Tim. Made the 6 year wait worthwhile. Wish we could have had more time. Saying goodbye to him was one of the most difficult things I've ever had to do... 

Just reinforced the fact that the friendship we have is something special and rare and awe-inspiring. 

rock chalk

I can't wait until tomorrow -- 

Going to the KU vs. USC basketball game at USC. And prior to the game, I'll be going to a pre-game breakfast hosted by the KU alumni association.... but it makes for a super early morning (have to be in downtown by 9:30 a.m. yikkkesss)

Mom is going with me to the breakfast and then we'll meet up with michel and his friend at the game. 

I plan to be super obnoxious KU fan.

I just can't wait to be surrounded by other KU people and have that commraderie again, even if it's not AT KU.

I miss it sooo much.

I'm just glad to have that feeling, even for just a day...
I miss having a "real " blog.

and spending hours and hours designing it.. and debugging... and building it...

I miss having a project.

But, God, do I want to put up with it all again?


Always -- around this time of the year... when the weather turns cooler -- 

I become a nester (most commonly seen with pregnant women... but i'm not pregnant....)

Think a less-criminal Martha Stewart.

I want to clean and decorate and have the spicy smell of mulled wine/cider/apples drift through the house. 

I begin to have a penchant for country music (i have no idea why). 

I want to grocery shop.

and (try to) cook and bake.

Anna, I'm so sorry.


Oct. 1st, 2007


i hate being sick

and yes.... i will continue to whine as long as necessary...



Celebrity SIGHting (ala Perez Hilton)

Saw Laura Prepon at Pinkberry in Los Feliz -- and I suppose not "saw" but sat like right next to her... 

And like a dumbass, I didn't realize it was anyone special, til anna fake text messaged me... and i READ IT OUT LOUD that "IT'S THE GIRL FROM THAT 70S SHOW!!" 


Anna and I both agreed we want to be her friend because she and her friends were eating pinkberry, smoking and talking about spin class. Now, that's a cool friend. (Wait, that's what anna and I do too...)

today  anna and i officially became "those girls" who jog around the rose bowl.

well... she jogged...

i half-ass jogged and walked..

but we both made it around the full "track"


I told her I felt like being totally L.A. and want to go to a hipster independent bookstore and I hope she'll be down for a good (HEALTHY) dinner... maybe an indie movie? Yummy coffee?? we'll see...

yesterday we had a pretty good day... went to Urth Caffe and had an amazing lunch... and then I got my body scrub and massage at equinox.. and lemme tell you... having back to back services is pretty freakin amazing... THANK YOU ANNA. We then saw 3:10 to Yuma which was surprisingly good... I kinda keep realizing i have a thing for westerns... not like old school westerns.. but modern ones...

I realize I haven't posted since Lee was here.. or left.. just trust that we had an amazing time. I miss him terribly and am hoping he moves here sooner rather than later... there were a ton of fun times and (other than when he's driving..) I just realized how great I feel when I'm around him... 

Back to work tomorrow and I guess back to more real life... *sigh*


Montana Pictures


There are the pictures from my trip to Montana...

SOOOO much fun...

Wish I was still there... 


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