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 So, I realize that I can put up funny videos all day long about Palin... it's just so easy... 

But, honestly, deep down...  I don't find it funny at all. 

I'm, really, truly FLABBERGASTED... I'm appalled... dumbfounded.... beyond confused and horrified. 

I just don't know how we got ourselves here. How, this country, a country I deeply love, could have spiraled SO out of control...

I'm scared.

Truly, honestly, SCARED of what would happen if McCain and Palin got into the white house. As a woman... and as an American. 

McCain scares me. Palin scares me more. 

If you saw Palin on SNL... and I'm sure all of you have... it was funny. She held her own. But while laughing, I'm thinking... "THIS is who some people want to be our VP??? THIS?!? In her come fuck me boots? THIS?!??!?!?!?!" and found myself laughing, and nearly crying (not laugh til you cry.. but truly, almost in tears) because it's so upsetting to me. It's just SO ridiculous and I find it hard to believe that there are millions of people out there who WANT THIS.

I look at Hillary Clinton and then I look at Palin.. and I just... I'm speechless. I really have no words... 

On one hand, I think McCain was brilliant for choosing Palin. She completely shifted the whole election. All the attention went to her... because she's SUCH an oddity... she's a trainwreck  and we've all slowed to watch... And this scares me more than anything -- we've lost sight of what this election is about... what the REAL issues are. I think in the past week or so, it has gotten better. But I'm concerned. Really concerned.

These satirizations of Palin we see everywhere online... on SNL, etc...  ARE funny. They really are. And they're being made because I think so many other people are horrified and aghast at the THOUGHT of Palin being VP -- and could VERY WELL be President if McCain kicks the bucket in office (IF they're elected...) It's just SO absurd. 

But it could be a reality if McCain is elected.

Obviously, I'm voting for Obama... and truly believe, if he does what he says he'll do, he could change this country in ways we've only dreamed of until now. I think he could make America someplace we could be proud of again... 

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